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French Press Brewing Guide

Brewing Guide

The French press is one of the most classic, most present brewing methods there are. This is because it is an exceptionally easy device to use that allows basically anyone to brew tasty coffee in just under four minutes.

Curiously enough, the French press isn’t decidedly “French”. We know that in the 19th century, versions of this coffee maker started appearing in France as well as Italy, but it was only after almost a century of use that an Italian man patented it.

So, French? Maybe not so. Either way, it makes fantastic coffee and we love it!

How it works

It works by immersion. The grounds are immersed in water for a few minutes in the French press, and then the brewed coffee is poured out without any coffee sediment thanks to a filter attached to the plunger, so that you can press down on it as you pour.

The Brew

This metal filter-powered extraction creates a different flavor; it is richer, fuller, and because the French press uses a metal filter, it doesn’t filter out as many coffee oils as other methods do. This means that French press coffee has more flavor and more aroma!

It is, overall, a balanced, flavorful coffee.

How to make it

What you’ll need:

  • 600 grams water

  • A French press

Dosing and brew time:

  • 20 grams medium grind coffee

  • 3 minutes


  • 1. Sift the coffee grounds to avoid using the finer ones, which would leak into your cup easily.

  • 2. Pour 20 grams of ground coffee.

  • 3. Heat up 260 ml of water to 200F.

  • 4. Pour 20ml. Wait 10 seconds, and stir lightly with a spoon.

  • 5. Pour 40ml immediately after stirring, and wait 30 seconds.

  • 6. Set a timer to 2 minutes.

  • 7. Pour the rest of the water.

  • 8. After two minutes, press down on the plunger.

  • 9. Serve immediately.

Quick tips

#1 Do not stir

Many people seem to think that stirring the coffee bed helps in some way or another - it doesn’t. In fact, this can negatively affect the taste of our coffee, and it disturbs the evenness of the bed, which makes for even extraction.

So, it’s better not to touch it. At all! Water will do its work properly without the help of anything else.

#2 Clean it after each use

Because the French press’ filter is made of metal, it needs regular cleaning. It doesn’t have paper, disposable filters.

And coffee can stink up metal really fast. A dirty French press affects the taste of your coffee - if you don’t clean it often, soon enough you’ll start tasting off, burnt flavors in your coffee. It’s not your coffee: it’s the French press!