Smooth, Dark chocolate

Medium-Dark Roast Decaf

Decaffeinated and free from chemicals using the swiss-water decaffeination process. Our Peak Decaf Blend offers all the tasty wonders of coffee, without giving you the jitters. 

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Our decaf beans are carefully sourced from Brazil to provide smoothness and consistency, making it perfect for people who need their coffee fix without the caffeine. The full body makes it rich and bold, while the tasting notes of dark chocolate make every sip as pleasant as it can be. If you’d like to use this coffee through an espresso machine, we can grind it for you but we’d recommend a fresh grind for each cup you make. After all, the fresher it is the more delicious it’ll be!

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Why you’ll love the Peak Decaf Blend

- Specialty Arabica decaf coffee that’s mixed with passion and care
- Full body with smooth acidity
- Has tasteful notes of dark chocolate
- Coffee beans ethically sourced from Brazil
- Available in 250g, 500g, and 1kg