Sweet, Fruity, Winey

Ethiopia Medium Roast Single Origin

Wild, fruity, and full-bodied coffee just for you. Our Oromia Coffee captures the best part of Ethiopian coffee and puts it all together into one delicious package.

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About Our Oromia Single Origin

Notes: Sweet, Fruity and Winey

Origin: Ethiopia

Roast: Medium

Featuring a mix of coffee beans that are grown at 1600m, our Oromia Coffee offers a sweet and fruity flavour that any person will immediately notice. The wild taste can even be likened to wine and is a signature profile that the Oromia region of southwest Ethiopia is known for. If you want to taste coffee that’s grown responsibly and is at its purest form, our Oromia Coffee is just the thing for you!

Why you’ll love the Oromia Coffee

  • Full-bodied coffee that’s naturally sweet, wild, and fruity
  • Grown at 1600m in the Oromia region of Ethiopia
  • Mixed coffee beans from 6 different farms
  • Sourced directly from Ethiopia
  • Available in 250g and 1kg
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